In November 2023, we introduced our complete line of riveters to the European market, which expanded by 8 more types compared to the existing range of 7 types. Now everyone can find their riveter for their model in the desired scale, i.e. from 1/144 scale to 1/24 scale. We have expanded the SINGLE variant (i.e. 1 row of gear wheels), DOUBLE variant (two rows of gear wheels) and now for true connoisseurs also the TRIPLE variant (i.e.  three rows of gear wheels). 

In total, we can now offer customers up to 45 types of our riveters.

On September 9, you can meet us at the 2023 Czech Republic Championship in Plastic Modeling at the Regional Science library in Liberec in the Czech Republic. We will be here all day and at the same time we will present one of our brand new products, namely the expansion of our existing range of riveters from 7 types to 15 for both variants - single and double. Ten winners can also look forward to selected types of riveters, which we donate to the competition as prizes.

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