RIVETERS - aircraft modeling tools

Theese riveters are great tools for creating different rivets on one model. The gear is made of hardened steel and the pitches are authentic compared to the real aircraft. The handle is made using 3D printing, is ergonomically designed and therefor fits in every hand. Each piece is hand assembled, double checked and tested on the required material. Everything is manufactured and assembled in the Czech republic. The results can be fantastically realistis. A real modeling dream!

In November 2023, we introduced our complete line of riveters to the European market, which expanded by 8 more types compared to the existing range of 7 types. Now everyone can find their riveter for their model in the desired scale, i.e. from 1/144 scale to 1/24 scale. We have expanded the SINGLE variant (i.e. 1 row of gear wheels), DOUBLE variant (two rows of gear wheels) and now for true connoisseurs also the TRIPLE variant (i.e. three rows of gear wheels). 

In total, we can now offer customers up to 45 types of our riveters. 


already 45 types to choose from 

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